Ways to Say “I love you” This Christmas

Rebecca and Ryan hand kiss

The December holiday season can snag you into a retailer’s bus full of shoppers being steered right to the front door of their store full of goodies ready to replace your cash.


This wheel makes the world spin in many ways, but how does it influence love? Does the bus driver know how you want to express your heart this holiday?


Purchasing gifts that are useful is one challenge, but try to buy something meaningful and you just might come home empty handed. Here are some tips to help you express your feelings and present the one you love with more than a retailer’s latest and greatest.

  • Be sure that you know how you feel about the person you are giving to. What emotion do you want to convey? Will he or she appreciate you for expressing how you feel? If the answer is yes, then you are one of the lucky ones; be grateful.
  • If the emotion is a big one, such as love, think about gifts that represent permanence, long lasting and value. One reason that gold and diamonds work for representing love is that they endure, are held as precious and are treasured, as love should be.
  • If sentiment is a part of what you wish to express, then think of memories, creating new ones or reliving old ones. That could mean a vacation for new remembrances, special photos, home movies or renewing vows to relive old recollections.
  • If promise and hope are on your mind, consider an engraved ring, heart pendant, a monogramed robe with both of your initials, or a work of art as a symbol of your future.
  • On a budget, a handcrafted book filled with coupons for foot rubs on the couch, 15-minute back rubs, a favorite meal cooked at home, or a long drive on a moment’s notice all say something about what is in your heart.

Even if the people you care about most enjoy commerce and shiny, new objects, nothing satisfies the soul as well as an insightful, reflective offering that gives with it a piece of you. This December, fill your loved one’s stockings with thoughtfulness, emotions and a gumdrop of your spirit.


— Diana Anderson is an intimacy coach, author of several books and mother of three daughters.