Transition and Hope

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An ending prompts a beginning as the calendar year closes and begins anew.

It is a cycle we’re accustomed to: a rhythm of life, an ebb and flow, a closing, then opening. The death and birth of a year give rise to opportunity. Hope is born of this transition. What can we leave behind and bury with the closing of the door of 2015 and reach toward through the open door of 2016? What stirrings inside our soul shake the foundation of old patterns and crack open a breath to the unknown?

Some people barely notice that the sun holds still on the horizon for a few days as the year ends, then shifts directions, creeping slowly back up the vista every 24 hours. For others, this change in direction is gigantic and causes their passions to stir and ache for what has not been experienced before.

For the latter group, the New Year holds potential and it taunts them to come and grab what they may. What is the best way to maximize the elusive possibilities? Gurus and mentors alike speak to the ambitious heart with a message to encourage. Here are some of their encouragement:

Those that encourage others to go for the race to win, speak of a common thread. The outcome is up to you. You determine it all; what you believe about the event, what value you place upon it, what importance you are in the end; and why it matters to you at all.

If you answer all the possible questions, with clarity, then you set up the most fertile ground to nurture your ideas. You hold all of the cards in this game of life, play them as you will.

Remember one more thought from Mr. Carnegie, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

Diana Anderson is an author, speaker and coach. She lives on the California Central Coast.