The Couples Guide

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Welcome to “Confident Couples” where we celebrate the masculine and feminine strengths

This blog is designed to:

  1. help you become a confident partner in a loving relationship;
  2. teach you to honor and appreciate what your partner offers you;
  3. teach you how to allow your partner’s strengths to build your confidence;
  4. for women: open you up to your authentic feminine expression;
  5. for men: open you up to your authentic masculine expression;
  6. to empower you to love your partner for his/her strengths and opposite qualities that you lack;
  7. improve your intimate relationship through better sexual bonding;
  8. guide you to be more deeply loved;
  9. help you connect through deep love-making;
  10. to make you crave more love-making.

Using the principles of celebrating your partner, you will gain a healthy understanding of your partner: how their needs differ from yours; how to communicate in a language that makes sense to them: and how to make love in a way that truly brings you closer together and builds your personal confidence level as well as your confidence as a couple.

If you are getting along with your partner, but have never studied the needs, strengths and communication differences of the opposite sex, then you will benefit from this information. If you are having challenges as a couple, definitely these pages will help you come closer together, know how to relate better and learn how to support each other to strengthen the team. This is an education about the sexes as it relates to love, partnership, confidence and sex.

Stay tuned as I share valuable information about best to lead and follow in the dance of partnership.