Deep Intimacy

Being penetrated body, heart and soul requires your lover to do some considerable probing while you open at a profoundly personal level. Giving your man access to your innermost lusciousness requires your security clearance, but provides you valuable benefits: He … Continued

Achieving Couple Balance

Today we face a common problem between couples. Unintentionally, and unbeknownst to many women, they are taking power from their mate. Although they are attracted to their man for his masculine qualities, such as strength, leadership, cognitive skills, and stamina, … Continued

Trusting Your Man

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A relationship is a dance. As with any dance, one person leads and the other person follows. For the majority of women, they are most comfortable in the follower position, but only once they trust and feel safe. Women are … Continued

The Couples Guide

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Welcome to “Confident Couples” where we celebrate the masculine and feminine strengths This blog is designed to: help you become a confident partner in a loving relationship; teach you to honor and appreciate what your partner offers you; teach you … Continued

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