In the Beginning

Why do people long for a partner and hope to find love? Why do we partner up at all? Would it be easier to just go it alone?


Loving another person in a romantic relationship has long been the pattern for humans. Sometimes the results are profound success with long-term commitments and a sharing that cannot happen outside of these bonds. Other times the union leaves much to be desired. Sometimes the difference is as simple as learning a few practices that can result in huge rewards.

Opening your heart completely to another person is not easy to do and comes with some risk. You may elect to only partially expose you feelings and true self to your partner, but the one who suffers most is you. Conversely, if you open your heart to its full potential, the greatest beneficiary is you.

If you present less than your authentic self to your partner, then you are never loved as the real you. This can damage you on several fronts. The love you receive is not real if the person doesn’t know your heart, soul, dreams, desires and personality. Then you feel rejected on one level because you are not accepted for who you are. Additionally, you cannot give pure love because you are not presenting the real you to love your partner. Then your heart is unable to feel the joy from deeply appreciating another soul. You are cut short on both ends if you are not authentically you.

Do you feel safe being genuine with your companion? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to be loved for who you really are?


Benefits of open-heart love:

  1. improves heart health. Leading cardiologists say that deep love has medical benefits for the heart. Those in love have higher rates of recovery after a heart attack than those without a loving partner.
  2. improves immune response in the body;
  3. lowers stress;
  4. improves mental well-being;
  5. improves your skin and overall health;
  6. reduces pain when touching your partner;
  7. increases longevity;
  8. improves your memory.

9. helps you manage your weight by reducing stress and the need to overeat to fulfill loneliness;

10. helps you drink and use drugs less;

12. lessens doctor visits;

13. allows you to have better finances.