Deep Intimacy

bigstock_Young_Hot_Woman_Sitting_Astrid_6605007Being penetrated body, heart and soul requires your lover to do some considerable probing while you open at a profoundly personal level. Giving your man access to your innermost lusciousness requires your security clearance, but provides you valuable benefits:

  1. He will touch more of your inner essence, creating closeness for more bonding.
  2. He will stimulate your cognition with a delicious neurochemical bath.
  3. He will afford you the elusive pleasure from the deepest penetration.

The treasure you seek is concealed behind the cervix, wherein hides a secret chamber of sex heaven. To make this magic happen, you must first be with a man that makes you feel totally safe, so you will be able to give him the key to your vault. Next, you will require a lot of stimulation in order to fill the clitoris with blood. This thirsty organ is far larger than anyone knew: Recent research reveals through ultrasound that it wraps around your velvet purse and extends from its hood to your bottom. To expand to its full potential, you will require lots of exciting touch. As you become fully aroused, vestibules inside the clit engorge it from tip to tail and your cervix pulls out of the way of the penetrating force, opening the doorway to the furthest reaches of your cozy cave. This mystical chamber rarely receives the attention it desires, but when it does, you will discover a Xanadu of pleasure as muscles in this palace are able to enfold your lover’s organ in a tight suction.

The art of deep sex is your valentine exploring you inch by inch, from your eyes to your thighs, appreciating your softness with skilled, roaming hands while inhaling your scent and maneuvering your body as you collapse into a sea of bliss. When your body is enlivened from head to toe, a myriad of biochemical transformations enable an ecstatic delight, blossoming your flower.  An impetuous lover with time constraints will not discover your inner radiance, as it requires attentive sensuality.

For your part, you must trust, relax, open, get out of your head and succumb to your lover.

Your man must be fully present while he gives you extensive foreplay before entering you and probing thoroughly, pausing momentarily again and again in your deepest place. He should go slowly and allow you to enjoy, until your body peaks in pleasure and experiences the rapturous pleasure.

This ecstasy is not recommended for casual sex, as enjoying your lover with this amount of awareness goes beyond normal lovemaking and requires of a high degree of trust. Enjoy the adventure, even if it means trying several times before you succeed.



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  1. Love what you wrote and how you describe it. My wife and I are very big fans of deep, prolonged sex. Truly the pinnacle of ecstasy for both of us. After a while it doesn’t feel like sex anymore, just a deep connection/union.

  2. Upon thinking about this further, I have a question (which can start public or go private – your discretion). What role does penis size have with deep penetration?

    I realize this may seem like a stupid question, but this can’t be a case where size doesn’t matter. My wife and I clearly enjoy pressing back hard against her posterior fornix, something that would be totally impossible for anything less than 7″ long. How do you respond to guys who can’t reach that deep or the women who are deeper than most average vaginas?

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