The Joy of Joy

For many years I worked mostly with women, helping them enjoy deeper connection with their partner by understanding their bodies and what makes intimacy special to a woman. After years of working with women, and after I received some extended training for couples, I branched out into counseling couples. This has turned out to be the most fulfilling work I have ever done. When I worked with only the women, I helped their relationship from only the female side. But now that I meet with the both partners, I am able to see fast improvements for many couples.

Typically, I have a woman who comes to me because she is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.I meet with her and her partner and help teach each of them communication skills and how to share their needs with their partner. This process take most couples two or three months of working with me one session a week with weekly homework. The end results are wonderful!!

The sessions focus on learning the following skills:

  • Communication in an effective way that their partner understands.
  • Females learn the language of the male.
  • Men learn how women communicate and how to relate to them with and without words.
  • Couples learn the innate needs of their partner and how to meet them.
  • Females learn what men need more than sex.
  • Males learn what makes females interested in sex.
  • Specific way to developer deeper intimate connection.
  • Specific ways to enjoy and give intimacy.

My fees are $100 per hour. Typically we meet for one hour a week. Some couples prefer longer sessions.

Sessions also available on Skype.

To further help couples, I developed my Confident Love Course. There are several ways you can benefit from my course:

Confident Love Course options